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Spam and Virus Solutions
  1. What is Spam?
  2. Why should you care about Spam or a virus?
  3. How does a virus damage my computer?
  4. Where does Spam come from?
  5. How can you prevent Spam and Virus attacks
  6. NCW-Online solution for Spam & Virus control
  7. Privacy articles by industry experts

1. What is Spam?

Spam is a slang term for unsolicited email or Junk email. It is similar to what you get in your house mail box along with your regular bills and letters.

2. Why should you care about Spam or a virus?

Spam can become so bad it fills up your email in box with hundreds of very irritating offers for things you would never ever be interested in. Worse it can even be porn or products related to porn including porn style graphics. This has happened to us and it is shocking and extremely offensive.

The way most virus spread now days is through email. The virus writers have become very tricky and deceptive in sending email that will tempt you to open the attached file included. When you open it nothing seems to happen so you don't think much about it. 

What really happens is the virus has installed itself on your computer. The very first thing it does make copies of itself and sends the copies out through your email program to everyone in your address book. All your friends and family will likely open the attached file and become infected also. Then the process repeats itself and spreads throughout the country via this means.

3. How does a virus damage my computer? 

Some viruses turn your computer into a robot programmed to log on to the internet at a certain time and participate in a denial of service attack or "DOS" attack. The virus can also be programmed to call the internet and download and install a remote control program so the hacker can contact your computer and take control remotely.

Via this method they can steal things on your PC such as credit card records, passwords, your financial information, your social security number. This can be used to perpetrate fraud and identity theft etc.

Just use your imagination and you can then realize how many bad things can happen if a hacker gets control of your Personnel Computer.

4. Where does Spam come from?

Where does this stuff come from and why can't it be stopped by laws or the government?

We here at NCW-Online have to deal with Spam on an every day basis and have back-traced many junk, Spam and virus emails to their source.

99.9 percent of the time these emails do not originate in the USA. Spam senders have had a long time to become very good at their craft. They are very clever. There are now laws in some states that are intended to stop Spam. They are totally ineffective because 99.9% of Spam does not originate in the USA.

Spam comes from China Korea and Russia. It comes from these places because they have no anti-Spam laws and it is very profitable for these places to be involved in sending it. 

Obviously you can not prosecute a Spam email sender from Russia China or Korea. The Spam usually has a link to a web site that is also based in one of these countries and they all ask for payment via credit card.

In fact many Spammers do not even bother to send the product you have paid for via their web site. Why should they? What are you going to do?

No one is really stupid enough to actually order anything from these people right?

Wrong! Unfortunately the old adage "a sucker is born every minute" still rings very true for these Spam scam artist. Think of it this way, just a very small percentage of response from those 100 million emails is required to actually make a lot of money. Just one quarter of one percent response to 100 million emails sent is 250,000 orders! This is why Spam will never stop being sent.

5. How can you prevent Spam and Virus attacks on your computer?

You must follow certain rules and codes of conduct with your email. you must educate yourself, only then can you be protected from Spam and virus attacks!

  • Buy and install a good anti-virus program. There are many good ones out there. We do not recommend any single program except to advise you to install only a anti-virus program not a whole suite of software from the program vender.
  • Do not under any circumstances click on an attachment in your email without knowing ahead of time why it was sent to you. Check with the sender to see it they sent it to you or are unaware that it was sent from their computer. If you are running anti-virus software it will catch the virus and erase it before it can infect your computer.
  • Do not under any circumstances give out your personal email address to any company. Not even the local power company or phone company.
  • We can give you a separate email address to use for this purpose so your personal email address will never fall into the hands of a spammer.

6. NCW-Online Solution for Spam!

We offer an almost full proof solution for Spam. Before we get into the details let us first say that we have tried the server based programs that delete the Spam before it gets to your mail box.

So what happened? The program deleted the Spam and some of our customer's email also!

There is virtually no way a server based Spam killer program can tell the difference between Spam and personal email 100% of the time. 

This is the dirty little secret that companies who use these server based anti-Spam programs never tell you!

Because these programs were deleting legitimate email along with the Spam we deemed them unsatisfactory. We had to find a better way!

Our solution to this problem is to do two things. 

#1 Educate our customers to know better then to give out their personal email address in online signups and news letters etc.

#2. We create for you a special email address that is designed just for you to use in online signups and news letters etc.

This email address is disposable. It is designed to be changed in six months or after excess Spam starts to come to it.

This is the only reliable way to fight Spam and virus email.

Just use your disposable email address to signup for stuff out on the internet then when they Spam you, Just let us know and we change your email address to stop the Spam cold. 

For questions about this please call us. We have a special way to format this email address that works very well for you. 509-663-1124

7. Privacy articles by industry experts

Scroll down and read some of these news articles. You will be astounded by the audacity of these companies and what they are getting away with.

After reading these articles you will be much better prepared to protect your privacy online!

Ticketmaster's Privacy Policy: Opting Out is Not an Option

While privacy policies rarely put many restraints on the vendor's right to share your information with others, you can usually opt out from having your info shared too widely. One reader recently spotted an exception to this; one that means my contact information and yours may be in greater circulation than we knew.

Caught you! - Free credit reports aren't!

Watch out, they’re trying to catch you. With all the Internet scams and hoaxes out there trying to trick you into divulging useful information about yourself, it’s getting hard to know whom you can trust to guard your privacy -- even if the company bills itself as a partner in protecting it.

E Greeting cards aren't they nice?

No! in fact companies such as and are nothing more then address grabbers for the Spam email senders. That's right! Read the privacy policy of these companies and you will find out that they have just placed your email address in a file intended to be sold to Spam Senders! If you receive one of these E-Cards you can then call your friend who sent you the E Greeting card and thank them for placing your private email address in the hands of one of the largest Spam gathering companies in existence!

Warn all your friends not to use these companies. This just happened to us! One of my wonderful well meaning relatives just did exactly that! Sent cards to both me and my wife. DAMN!... The Spam will follow soon!

Have you found an article that you think would be of value posted here? Send us a link to it. We will check it out and just might post it here to help our customers and every one else steer clear of similar situations or scams.

Go to the page you found and click on the mail link on the IE tool bar, chose send a link and send to: webmaster @ with the subject line: "privacy article"

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Best Western Rama Inn

Connectivity will take place in two phases, First, the office for internet and VPN connectivity to BW HQ. 2nd phase will be Internet connectivity for each of the 45 rooms.

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