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ISP Owner's Email Secrets

My name is Robert Barnes Owner of NCW-Online Internet Service. I have a serious spam and virus problem, I get over 300 spam/virus emails per day. I have email addresses that I have used for years and because they are business email addresses I can not delete them and start over.

What to do?

For years I had to spend a large part of my day just sifting through each email and picking out the ones I wanted and deleting the rest. The worst thing was I had to download all of this spam and virus containing email right to my computer.

I would just hope every time I checked email that my virus program was up to date and it would catch all the virus containing email that came in each day.

One year ago I found something that changed my life in regards to how I checked my email.

It is called MailWasher Pro.

It work differently from most other spam and virus programs. What is does is goes out and checks your email and downloads only part of each email message. Just enough so that it can identify the email as to tell if it is spam or a virus email. Then it marks the email as spam or virus and tells you.

MailWasher shows you the email in a list in a mail pre reader window. MailWasher does not download each email completely to your computer, it leaves the email on the email server for you to download later with your regular email program. MailWasher Pro is an email pre-reader and checker.

MailWasher shows you the email subject line, who it is addressed to and who it is from along with a pre reader window so you can read the top section of the email.

99.9% of the time you can tell if it is a spam or virus email for two reasons. 1. MailWasher marks the email as spam or virus for you. 2. You can tell if the email is from some one you know or not. If it is not from a known source you can click a checkbox and mark it as a spam/virus email.

MailWasher will then place it on a blacklist of email you reject.

The best part is then with the push of a button MailWasher will delete all the spam and virus email from the email server without it ever having to be downloaded to your computer.


So now you know how an ISP owner handles his email.

MailWasher Pro cost $37.00 and I promise you it will be the best money you ever spend.

MailWasher Pro has a 30 day refund policy so if you don't like it you can get your money back. But don't worry You will love it.



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